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Originally Posted by Slono View Post
Wouldn't a huge mag ruin the authentic look that you, as an airsoft player, are trying to replicate? If you're a slave to aesthetics then long mags should be the last thing you'd even consider for your gun. When is the last time you've seen a soldier pull out a pistol with a mag that measures longer than the gun's length? lol, if you want more gas capacity, but you still want a realistic looking gun get a hi-capa. If you want a lower profile get a single stack 1911. I don't see the reason why you'd need a huge magazine anyway unless like others have said here, you plan on using more bullets but hitting less.
You haven't watched Magpul Dynamics, have you?

Travis Haley's loadout gives some guys boners.

Originally Posted by Slono View Post
What difference does the whole bunch of extra gas do for your gun? If you are interested in boosting the performance of the gun, though I'm new to the sport I would still recommend you to look for internal upgrades as they would help more.
Larger reservoirs provide more stable velocities. Plus, the ability to load 10 rounds (versus 7) in them gives you the extra capacity in a single stack profile.

I'd actually like to get my hands on some extended mags as well.
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