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I come from 11 years of paintball experience both bushball, and competitively. Me and few buddies from my team started playing airsoft about 2 years ago for two reasons. One paintball sucks balls in the winter, and number two I can say playing this game (ammo wise, minus the gucci gear) is way cheaper. Right now I play on a competitive team here in BC and we pay $25 a case (for average team its about $35-50) and we shoot 2 cases a practice, and coming to airsoft being able to play two weekends for $25 was amazing. The only real difference I see from the two games is competitive paintball requires a much higher level of athletithism, while airsoft you just cant be labeled an awesome player if your a small fast kid who can run 50yards in 3-seconds witch is pretty much the pro paintball bracket is made up of. Airsoft feels like you need to earn a spot in the community, and earn respect as a player, and defiantly has a scarier face to it than paintball to the public. Also this airsofters are pussies, paintball players are pussies shits gotta end. It may not seem like it but we need eachother with more , and more realistic looking paintball guns coming into the country now are warming people up to replica training weapons (for some reason some of those guns fall under the same category as airsoft guns to customs, and are allowed to pass to there distributors?). As of nowthere's no laws prohibiting .50cal paintballs, and wouldn't make guns shooting them prohibited. Also as for .50cal ruining paintball because everyone owns .68. I was just at USPL and most companies are releasing different inserts for there guns to make them compatible with .50cal.
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