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Well what do you suppose we do?

Sure Airsoft in Canada isn't in a position that we'd like it to be in but currently it's probably in the best position it can be in.

Educate parents? Yeah I'm sure that will go over well. "What you're trying to make sure we're safe from these Dangerous weapons? Why don't we ban them?"

The only thing that could probably benefit airsoft in Canada is going the direction of paintball and making it more "soccer mom friendly" and you know what that means right??? It means we're going to end up with spray and pray "tactics", "agg-muppets" as I believe the paintball community refers to them as (guys who just need to chill the fuck out and have fun instead of trying to win all the time), and neon coloured team uniforms (although I actually have nothing against them for paintball it just ruins it if you're talking about airsoft).

I'm not trying to slam you or anything but what are the options available? Really I'd be on board for anything that I think would actually help out the community but as of now it's in the best position it can be in (a monopoly on black coloured AEG's and the AV system to prevent kids from getting their hands on them (as much as possible)).
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