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How the heck do you know these boys got the guns from their parents? It could easily have been a cousin, an older friend, or somebody having a less authoritative relationship with the child. Yes, the parents are still at fault because they should know what their children are up to, and yes the boys were also at fault, but not one post here mentions the possibility that they may have obtained these guns from another source other than their parents or guardians.

There are obvious problems. The law has gotten to be too lax to be of any use in disciplining youngsters, and the crappy parenting is quite common. If you look at the situation as a whole, there are plenty of parties at fault including stores that sell these guns. Is there a way to solve the crap that makes this sport look bad? Yes. Is anybody willing to do their share and extend their efforts to their community to make them aware? Sadly... probably not, for various reasons, valid or not.

So think what you will, blame who you feel like blaming, but in the end its our problem, and unless we aren't proactive in protecting our own sport, nobody gives a damn about us.
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