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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
best bet is to get age verified and check out some local games
He is age verified, but I agree your best bet is to go to a local game. You can talk with the players get a feel for what is going on and most players will let you check out their AEG's doing so will allow you to find out if the gun you are looking for is the right one. I know a few people who bought guns like the M16 only to find out it is too long for their playing style or the area and had to spend more money changing the stock and front end when they could have just started with a shorter AR.

PS your English is fine, better than some of the members here who were born into an English family. I will assume you speak french being from Quebec? If you need to feel free to post in french or both. most of the board is English but there is a lot of french speaking guys here that can help.


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