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Winter is coming... ATQ 2 and ATQ 3 Courses will be Scheduled soon.

Running a private session for a team this Sunday.. They will get the full treatment of tactical Mindset modification.

in my opinion extended mags have a bad effect on the balance of most pistols. So you get more amo but you can hit less with it.

Here is the issue... The TM single stack mag is fine .. and more than enough gas to propel the 7-10 rounds that a realcap load would be .. even if you over load it to say 12 rounds .. there is still gas enough.

If you are running a sigle stack pistol .. it's not really reasonable to want it to be holding 20 rounds. Lower profile pistol... = less ammo capacity

Originally Posted by safx View Post
Hicap noobs.

Try learning to aim better
and you won't need a silly
looking gun to compensate.
Your just slapping a hopper
on the bottom of your gun...
The paintball door is always
open, maybe that's for you.


When are you gonna run
another CQB 2/4man comp?
Maybe these rookies will
learn that even with a 100rd
pistol mag they're still going
to get taken out by better
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