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You know you can keep beating this until the horse is dead but it won't change anything... a chronic flacker will always be a flacker.

It all comes down to that we are adults here so start taking responsability. Yes shit happens, we all know that. I myself have had to drop out of games for whatever reason but I have always made sure that I let the host know that I will not be able to show up. I have never woken up and said shit I don't feel like going airsofting today... when I commit I am there. But the problem isn't the guy that drops out every blue moon... the problem is the guy or guys that drop out or worse just don't show up on a regular basis.

When I host games they are always rain or shine. If you're an airsofter that doesn't like to play in any weather except sunny and 22 degrees then play in doors and don't bother signing up for outdoor games.

If you're planning to go out the night before and get shit-faced then don't sign up.

If you want to go but don't have a ride then arrange for one and then sign up.

If you sign up for a game, then DON'T DECIDE to drop out because you decide to go to another game instead... this is the flacker that I hate the most. I'm not even going to get into why there are two games on the same day.

As a host I post tentatives but I don't hold any stock in that palyer coming out until they confirm and I usually ask all the tentatives to firm up. If I've put a cap on the game and I get players that are willing to confirm before the tentatives decide then they get the spot and the guy on the fence is out of luck.

I've started to keep track of the flackers that never showed for the games that I host and the chronic flakers will not be welcome to my games.

And the guys that always come late... well that's a different thread.

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