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If there's an argument to be made for Pre-paying, it would be so that the hosts wouldn't be out of pocket. I know that Z and Scarecrow spent money to set up zombies last weekend, and that isn't free. If there had been pre-payment, (be it refundable or not....say within 24 or 48 hours) it would at the very least help them offset the cost of the leg work beforehand.

As Tyson said, $20 may not send someone home from a night at the bar, but it adds up. If there are 10 no shows, that's $200 that had been counted on that's no longer there. Ok, so there will still be the same amount of people there, but at least the same losses won't be incurred by the hosts.

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prepaying can have it's merits in terms of getting those truely willing to commit to the game however most of those will show up regardless of prepay or pay at the door. brian's idea of using that method for bigger more resource intensive games is great. it'd be a waste of time for most smaller games though.
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