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Don't bother with BuyAirsoft. They have horrible reviews and occasionally one random person will have a good deal. They also have a 20 day wait. (at least). Plus the G&G416 isn't a 416. The 416 does NOT have a triangular front sight. Plus there are no markings.

Trust me. If you're going with the 416 you won't regret it. There are several versions (at least for AV'ed people; DBoys, JG, VFC). They are worlds apart from most of the Clearsofts.

The VA416 is a good alternative if you have something wrong with AV'ing. But then again they're not in stock. Just get AV'ed. Really.

BTW, the 416's better because its got a continuous top rail, all the way back to the charging handle. Much easier to adjust sights and scopes. The other three rails are normal length.
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