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So I ordered 2 packages from HK, 1 gets here before the other by a week.
The second one I tracked and said it was supposed to be there, but then I did not hear any knocking, and usually the mail and packages come 11AM-12PM. This time it didn't, called CP head office and told them and she said wait till 5PM and it should be at "this" postal office. Blah blah blah, tracking number said notice card was left. Sure, I look out and it's not there, check the track again and it was the same. Called the postal office and the guy said it's not there. After half an hour, it said the package is at the postal office. Went to the office and he checked like crazy, and it wasn't there, and it was in the recieved pile beside of him.

Damn these punks.

Forgot to add I did get my package at the office that day, and the day after, I get the notice card..


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