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Originally Posted by ujiro View Post
This doesn't change the fact that these kids are obviously wreckless little punks. Sure, their parents are irresponsible. They definitely shouldn't have bought them, and they 100% definitely shouldn't let them use the guns without supervision (or at all...). But it doesn't change the fact that those kids shot at some other girl and could've done serious damage. If the parents won't teach these kids proper safety and how to not be an idiot, then the police and justice system will! (even though they clearly won't. I just wish they actually would)
I would agree with you ujiro. I was trying to point out that the parents are as equally to blame as the kids themselves are. We can't blame just the kids.

And I also agree: society has lost its moral fiber. But a long time ago.
What's more important: morality or the freewill? In our society most people would say freewill. But we mustn't forget our morality.
Our morality guides our freewill to do the right thing.
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