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There is no reason to bicker about the price of paintball vs airsoft.

It really is basically the same... To say that certain airsoft guns are $1000, but certain airsoft guns are also $100. Paintball is the same, $1000 guns and $100 guns.

In the long run, ammo-wise airsoft wins the price, but in the long run again how much can you get out of your battery until you need to charge it? paintballers will get refills on their air.

But anyway I don't want to get in on more of that but it seems that everyone hates paintball as a sport. Paintball is a great sport! Sure, the people that play it are sometimes stupid... But the community (such as tdotballers) is actually very much like ours, probably with the age verification thingy.

***But anyways .50 cal paintballs would destroy paintball, as most guns now are made for .68 cal I believe?
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