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Having watched the complete video interview, I'm not surprised by the baseless statements made by this fellow. Although I think we all have to agree that there exists for many people on both sides of the fence (airsoft | paintball) a rabid dislike/hatred which makes it easy to spout off whatever you want when speaking to "your" group and no one will challenge what you say when it follows the party line of "those guys want to be like us, but we make more money, therefor are better than them" etc...

However keep in mind that this fellow is the "front man" for his company, he most likely has other companies who do market research for him, and they are telling him "airsofters all want to play paintball but can't afford it". The fact that he is speaking out of his ass is most likely the result of this erroneous research than any personal grudge he may or may not have against the airsoft community.

I was surprised to find out that he is Canadian, and his company is based out of Montreal - perhaps one of the established game hosts out in that part of the country should extend an invitation to him to attend a large event, so this misconception can be cleared up for him.

It's easy to bitch and moan and keep the "hate" on, instead I say let's let the pballers worry about paintball, and we can get back to awaiting Airsoft Innovation's "revolutionary money saving 3mm bb"
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