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Originally Posted by chaosnemesis View Post
The g36c's inner barrel is 249mm and i beleive the other is at least 363mm (or 409 don't remember) so for cqb purposes the g36 is going to be easier to get around corners with. Also there have been some pretty bad reviews about the sportline family. The body is plastic and the internals are sub par for CA. Get the G36c it's a better gun....BUT... carrying the mags are a bitch. They're twice the width of an m4 and the nubs used to link together the mags often get snagged in pouches. However, the G36c is by far a superior choice.

I agree with what chasnemesis said, if you want a classic army go for the non sportline version, It cost a little extra but well worth the money. All my guns are CA and i have one PTW. I am going to get another G36c soon to add to the collection, but my vote Classic Army all the way.

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