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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
f that s, let them know up front what we stand for 'round here
Just to clarify for everyone, if parents want to go to CT or Walmart or some retailer and buy clearsoft for their kids, that's their and CT/Walmart/whomever's problem; ASC's position is that if a parent who is AN ACTIVE PLAYER wants to lend his kid a gun or bring his kid to a game (thereby taking full responsibility) he can do that, but an adult with no personal interest in airsoft setting up an AV account for the sole sole purpose of buying for a minor or so that the minor can access classifieds WILL be considered circumventing the AV system and result in a permanent ban of the AV account.

It's already happened to at least two people in the past months.

The community's stance is that ASC does NOT police the community: ASC's rules apply within the confines of ASC alone and serve to control access to the classifieds and retailer areas. How other sites/retailers/stores cover their ass (or fail to) is up to them.

Just because a minimum wage clerk at a store sells you a gun does not automatically mean it's legal for you to own or use anywhere/anyway you want: as someone else pointed out, it can get your gun confiscated, you and/or your parent(s) arrested, and possibly get you shot. Don't take my word for it, dig around the forum there are several recent threads about news articles where people with clear guns or even a gun-shaped tequila (?) bottle got arrested for displaying it in public.

Just because you have a gun also does not mean you will be allowed at any games: final decisions rest entirely on game organizers and field owners.

If you're a minor and you want play, your best bet is to get one of your parents to play with you (then you'll have a ride to games, too, and not have to tent or flake for lack of ride -- there's another thread about THAT, too).
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