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Thers good arguments to which one is better, As a lot of you posted that there will be the need to purchase a new marker and new gear, Its true you will if you want to shoot those balls, 68 cal will stay so I dont think that there will be a change in markers, I think what they are trying to do is what brass eagle did. Bring it to the masses at a more afforable price.
I played tournaments for over 10 yrs and i can tell you that this(airsoft) is much cheaper and a lot more fun.. I dont have to worry about the next guy wiping off a hit, The Most of us play fair and know that there is another game.
I switched only because of cheaters and that it was too expensive to play paintball. markers for me were a grand and paint for the day was $50- 60
however tournys were 100-120 for a case not to mention gas or airfare and hotels and meals. Ill take airsoft over paintball any day..
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