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Pus, I don't think you should be so fast to jump on him like that. It's not like he's asking "wat gun iz b3st" or "screw you guys I don't care what you guys think". Yeah I admit the shit on the news and the latest "noob trolls" are irritating but at least he was up front about being underage and not trying to skirt the AV rules.

OP: Yeah 2 years isn't that long.

As for games..... It's really the field owners discretion, maybe, maybe not. Usually it's 18+ (or you're somehow related (eg. son, daughter, niece, nephew) to a player in good standing at a local club/team) however there have been instances of players 16+ being allowed to play.

Backyard shooting.... Not really a good idea unless you want to be staring down the barrel of some real steel. There are laws which prohibit you from shooting airguns (paintball, pellet, BB, airsoft, etc.) in most cities. So if you live out in the sticks it's not really as big of a deal. If you're going to do it please, please only do it where nosey neighbours and other passers by can't see you (eg. basement or garage).
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