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No guns for kids, dont like it? too bad

we don't condone underaged airsoft

we don't want to play with kids either, you will likely not be able to attend any games until you are of age

*(before someone chimes in i know some fields allow 16+ with parent blah blah blah)

so supposing your parents do buy you a gun, what then? you likely don't have anywhere to play "legally" with it, so what do you do? take it to school and show off? play in the woods near your house? on you buddy's dad's golf buddy's veteranarian's land that's secluded and outside the city?

the answer is no, don't ask where to buy a gun, which gun to get, what gun is the best, what upgrades are good for your gun, if you can order from the states, the answer is NO!

Also, it is not about maturity, it is about legal responsibility.


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