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Originally Posted by Frozen Tex View Post
They're anyplace he lives...
Ahhh Tex never a dull moment lol. I was just talking about him (Kevin Sorbo, for the new guy) with a friend of mine about his old shows. Not a bad actor.

Quick edit. Kingly, Id go read the upgrade stickies there a great help. There are 2 of them I think one on smart/non smart upgrades and the other on what should be the why you should upgrade that part. I know it took me a little while to understand it all before I went and put together my G-spec.

Personally I dont use a Sorbo on mine. PDI 330 spring in it and Ive had guys tell me they cant hear that gun past 10 feet.

As far as what I did for mine here it is.

- PDI 6.01mm inner barrel (G-spec) **
- PDI ZERO-Trigger **
- PDI VSR-10 Precision Cylinder Set VC **
- PDI Cylinder Head short Stroke **
- PDI 330 Spring (486 fps with the inner barrel 6.01) **
- PDI Barrel spacer (G-Spec) **
- Bushnell Scope
- Spring ejected Bipods

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