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I PM'd Steve after I posted that to his skirmish game at CQB and asked if I'd be allowed to walk on if I only got freed up later after the game had started.

I reaffirmed in the PMs that I would be fine if he said no...and fine if he needed to bump me out for someone who could confirm.

Post #49 I firmed up as soon as I got the green light from the wifey (and I confirmed Wildcard too since he figured out what day his flight would get in)...I would have posted an Out in that post if she had pulled rank on me.

And if you were really an internet sleuth you'd be able to track down that despite Steve replying to my PM that I'd be welcome whenever I could make it, he never put me on the player list until I had confirmed in the latter, nyah!

I'm an open book, got nothing to's an easy read too.

(But it's a half-cocked cheap shot like that which will make it simpler for me who gets into any events I'm involved with...heh)
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