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Originally Posted by Disco_Dante View Post
Maybe its just pointless clutter to you as a game host, but to me as a player, I like to look through the thread and see that Larry and Curly are confirmed, and Moe might show up if he can get off work. It gives me a general idea of who I'll be seeing at the field.
Originally Posted by Duckman View Post
will who MIGHT be there effect if YOU are going to show up? is this elementary school where you're only going to go if little billy is going to be there? or maybe you're not going cus little suzy might be there?

Having a player roster is a good way to gauge the quality of the players that will be attending and by extension the overall quality (or style) of the game.

Call it what you will, but I know certain players will bring a level of play to the table that others simply will not and I don't necessarily feel like going to a game just to find out i have no interest in playing with the people there.

That being said, tents on roster are useless. Knowing that so-or-so MIGHT be there doesn't give me any kind of clear indication if I wanna go. If its some skirmish or whatever, fine, but for serious events there shouldn't be any tents: get your shit organized and figure out if you're going or not.

I also think this is why private games are becoming the norm.

And for the few public events left, flakers should just get blacklisted.
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