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It is true Tents are of no use

Although I am still quite new to hosting games, I have stopped having a tent list cause I need to know WHO is confirmed, knowing who is confirmed lets me know if I should be spending my time hosting a game. If not enough people show up and we end up having a poor turnout that really kills it for me.

When Defcon started losing its regulars I stopped hosting cause it was not worth it anymore to host a game with only 3-4 people. I always get Tents at Defcon so I said forget it I am tired of maybe's showing up or not. I don't mind you dropping out cause of life reasons thats fine, we have all been there.

But Tents and people who confirm they are in but do not show and don't even give me a reason why really bug me, cause it shows they are not committed to having a game so why should I commit my time for you?
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