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Ok i have been playing for about 5 .5 yrs now and i had an opertunity to check one one a couple of months ago at a milsim were ken was on my side . Here's a few breif pointers on the gun i saw and test fired .

- The rifle itself is of decent weight and seems to be on a higher quality
- Ken opened the gun on the field and i got to inspect internals , now the metal there seemed to be made from looks like a decent steel ( its defently not pot metal) , smooth and the parts seemed to slide togeather nice enough .
- the plastic lower reciever seems solid with no wobbles and the stock is ok
- The canadian mags are nice , hold alot of gas , got 2 mags worth with no refills , was about 20 to 25 degree's that day .
- The range of the rifle was quite good about the same as my upgraded ics aeg ( say about 120 to 150 feet approx )
- One of the reasons i was looking at one is kens service record , i have bought a few aegs, parts and accesories and hes always treated me well , and take the time out to show me the problem and how to fix it .
- I looked on the internet and there are a few companies lining up for parts and acessories , RA-tech was evualuting one on utube with no real complaints
- the recoil is good and firm , very consistate until i emptied the mag .
- I'm acually going over to kens house in mid nov , as ill have all my magpul parts , he acually going to let me try all my parts on the gun to see how it all fits . Ill be able to tell you more then about aftermark acessories .

Im at the point in my airsoft time i wanted to look at something different , and im looking at several brands or gbb rifles , some new , some used with upgraded parts and many in varoius price ranges . What i have found is that all gbb weapons be it pistols, rifles whatever always need to be fine tuned to serve the individual player . Anyways thats my 2 cents , hope it helps. Please feel free to pm me with any other questions , id be glad to help if i can
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