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Stance on homemade launchers?

Ok, so im new to this forum, not so much to airsoft. Ive been into it for a few years now. I am 18, and have a few questions and figured this was the best place for them.

I like to build stuff, and enthusiastically adapt that for airsoft. one of the things i like to build are smaller versions of potato guns use as RPGs, both pneumatic and combustible. I play on private land with friends, not official feilds, so feild regulations arent an issue. I know most feilds wouldnt like them.

I prolly need to explain these a bit. These 'potato guns' are small, litterally no longer then my m14, and with a barrel only 3/4" in diameter, so im not launching potatos. i use foam sabots with 20-50 bbs between them. because of the size of the combustion chamber, its nearly impossible to get a nasty sized combustion. the combustion chamber burns aerosol in a 1foot tube at 2 or 3 inchs in diameter. not a lot of explosive force, and ive found the pneumatic ones to be far more dangerous. range is about half of your average aeg with a nice scatter. More info available on request.

I gotta know, what people's stances on this stuff are. I know im gonna get a bunch of people saying i'll kill somebody, so i want to say now that im not a complete moron (just close). I know these are dangerous little toys, and i understand the danger, and they are engineered to be as safe as possible. Now that we got past that, i'd like to hear what you have to say, since most forums i go to to learn about this stuff dont let you talk about it. All i want is a bit of feedback. Test the waters, so to speak.

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