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My two cents for what it's worth is this:

This past season we started a website just for the LZ. We integrated a self register system that was designed by Smith so that people could sign up for games on the teams they wanted, or add themselves to a waiting list. You could move yourself around and join the other team or remove yourself completely.

The sad part is people would show up that did not sign up, and people didnt remove themselves in a timely manner if they had to bail. I kept a list of the chronic deserters and know who they are.

Pre pay was an option we tossed around but never implemented simply because it's not a guarantee someone will show up. Sure we got your money regardless but big deal, it's not about the money. It's about the sheer lack of commitment and childish behavior that is forcing us to close the doors next year and only let in a few people.

Yep the noobs are stuck and probably will not get invited in unless they are brought in by a respected/invited individual. I could give a rats ass if you don't have a car. Sort your shit out long before game day.

We are all supposed to be adults in the sport but more and more I see childish 20 somethings ruining it for everyone. Grow the fuck up, take some responsibility for your actions or inactions and move forward. If you cant sort your shit out don't expect any sympathy from me or any other game host/field owner. Your fucking with them and that's not cool. I'm not in this to wipe noses and spoon feed anyone.

Bottom line the immaturity and lack of commitment is what lead to the LZ being shut down to the public. My time is worth more than money just like yours so quit fucking with it and everyone else's. Ottawa is Unique in that we do not have the player base like Toronto or Calgary, Vancouver etc. So if you sign up for a game and don't show, it does effect the rest of us that were able to get our old fat asses out of bed and run all day having fun in the sun/rain.

I just don't get this lazy fucking attitude displayed by a very large number of fairly new players. We gave you all the tools to sign up, coordinate a ride, rent a gun, buy gear but it just didn't work because the commitment wasn't there to begin with.

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