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Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
Christ, Don't take it so personal.

I mean, airsoft is a game and hobby we all can enjoy. And there is no way in hell a person can guarentee their attendance to something we simply indulge in as a pass time, we are only human. Not only that, people who run games are perfectly capable of making rosters flexible for such an issue.

For the games I have intended to join, i've given notification in advance whether I could make it or not. I'm not the type of asshole who'd just wait 'til the last day before pulling out, or give no notification at all.

I just wish people would take into considoration that a lot of people have jobs and employers that fuck with you with a snap of their fingers. Not everyone has the assurance of being able to have X day off for the said event. And this applies to many things.

Personally, I'd kill to be able to attend a weekly game throughout the summer, but my location and my current job and school schedual will not allow me that.
than what sort of nonsense are you speaking of? it's been mentioned several times over that this thread is about the flakers that have no consideration for the host or players and that life happens. people will understand if you have a legit reason to miss a game...even last minute...shit happens.

and can the good folks not take that personally? it affects my enjoyment of my affects MY time when people lack the common courtesy of posting something so simple as "sorry, got screwed by work...". how hard is that?

not having a ride? sure...i'll buy that if your ride bails...i can relate to that one. but you live in might as well be in the middle of the freakin arctic. dont tell me you dont have access to a vehicle. if it's broeken than sure, it's legit...but again...not the point of this thread.

clear enough? the considerate people wont be affected by a rating or a black list. why would anyone bother processing a name that was upstanding in the community? why go through the effort? it's the inconsiderate fucktards that like to waste peoples time that will end up having pretty much no where to play without commiting suicide by cop. Darwinism at it's best!!! i just feel bad for the cop that has to waste the bullet on a jackass like that.
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