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Christ, Don't take it so personal.

I mean, airsoft is a game and hobby we all can enjoy. And there is no way in hell a person can guarentee their attendance to something we simply indulge in as a pass time, we are only human. Not only that, people who run games are perfectly capable of making rosters flexible for such an issue.

For the games I have intended to join, i've given notification in advance whether I could make it or not. I'm not the type of asshole who'd just wait 'til the last day before pulling out, or give no notification at all.

I just wish people would take into considoration that a lot of people have jobs and employers that fuck with you with a snap of their fingers. Not everyone has the assurance of being able to have X day off for the said event. And this applies to many things.

Personally, I'd kill to be able to attend a weekly game throughout the summer, but my location and my current job and school schedual will not allow me that.

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