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don't sign up if you are not sure you can make it. how hard is that?

if you can't commit.. you don't belong on the roster. and yes you may be shut out of games that you could go to.


so .. it's cool for you to hold a spot and maybe keep someone who "has the resources to be confident about his attendance" out of the game .. and then not show up?

You are a poster boy flakers everywhere.

Bring up trouble for who... um... guys like you who can't sort their shit out more than a day in advance.. maybe?

it's clear your position is self centered.. and you could give a rats ass about what your inability to meet your obligations means to anyone else.

Originally Posted by Strelok View Post
Personally, I really dislike the idea of this. It just seems like it would bring up more trouble than good.

I live a good two/three hours away from some of the more active airsofting areas in Manitoba. I'd like to make as many games as I can, but honestly don't have the resources to be confident about my attendance.

If I sign up for a game, and not be able to make it simply because I don't have the means of transport at the time, or that something comes up in my personal life. And I get penalized for it and get blacklisted for games in the future?

No thanks. Sounds like a whole load of bullshit to me.

I know people will say "If you're not sure, don't sign up at all." Well, sure. But if I do have the chance to show up, and haven't been added to the roster? That doesn't seem like it'd work too well.
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