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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
I attended 3-4 games every month for the better part of a year and half. Always giving rides to locals, always arriving on time. In the mischance i could not attend, i would always let the game host know.

Oh and in case your to caught up in ASC to realize this, a lot of games are not even posted here. Why? Because of people with the same shitty attitude you have.

So piss off.
Seriously Ronan, you're so full of bullshit people all across Canada can smell it. Where were those so called 3-4 games you attended every month and who got to play with you ? I don't even get why you still try so hard to make other people believe in your lies ? I'm starting to doubt you even believe them yourself.

Last time I saw you post in to a game I dragged 3 of my friends with me just so we could get to shoot you and guess what happened ? You didn't show up and you never posted that you were out.

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