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Personally, I really dislike the idea of this. It just seems like it would bring up more trouble than good.

I live a good two/three hours away from some of the more active airsofting areas in Manitoba. I'd like to make as many games as I can, but honestly don't have the resources to be confident about my attendance.

If I sign up for a game, and not be able to make it simply because I don't have the means of transport at the time, or that something comes up in my personal life. And I get penalized for it and get blacklisted for games in the future?

No thanks. Sounds like a whole load of bullshit to me.

I know people will say "If you're not sure, don't sign up at all." Well, sure. But if I do have the chance to show up, and haven't been added to the roster? That doesn't seem like it'd work too well.
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