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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Pre-paying is pointless.

1. I...and probably several no sweat $20-30. There's zero pressure to "BE THERE" from paying money up front.

2. Having a pocket full of money but no one to shoot is not going to fix your game when 30% of the people don't show. 70% of people are still going to be cheesed off and the game's off to a rocky start.

3. It's been proven that A LOT of players can't sort out what time to show up at a game...let alone be organized enough to commit to paying in advance for something. Hell, even if they're given a ride, loaned guns/gear...they still may not show.

The hosts all know the guys who say they'll be there and are there....and know that $10-20-30-50+ isn't the driving force for attendance or putting the car into drive on a rainy/cold game day.

Keep a list...enforce your list...differentiate between an easy going shoot-'em up vs. a tight run "mil-sim"/"theatrical" scenario. Both have their places...but be clear from the outset (not afterwards) and set up the proper expectations for both yourselves and the players.

Habitual flakers will find the doors closed to them...and will have to stick with the easygoing shoot-'em ups where it barely matters if the host shows, let alone how the teams are setup, who shows up/leaves when, etc... Those can be fun...but if they want a different type of event...they have to behave differently. (AKA...being an adult)
Amen to all that Tys

how many times hae we all lug out extra AEG/GBB to lend out to new players and they themself was a no show?

players that is consistenly late have no respect for the host or other players, as for prepayment on big events i think it's a must but for regular game what's $20?? we spend more than that on after game meals
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