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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
Im a ASPX Programmer, I can set it up and write the software, but it is a considerable amount of effort to make it user friendly. I would need to sit down with a few of the hosts and see what kind of information they want to store in a database. It is a fair amount of work and unless I have the backing of the Community's hosts (I dont mean financial), it wont really be worth my time. Last thing i want is to make a tool noone will use.

Lastly, Brian is right, even once the software is finished, the game hosts have to participate and use it. I can think of a hundred ways this system can be abused (Tampering with data/falsifying data etc) so there must be some sort of understanding of the system as well as some sort of legitimization process of who can be called a host etc.

Jay, Brian. Shoot me a pm if this interests you.
This site is not built using ASP.Net but PHP, look at the URL, so unless you are making this on a separate server, which looses its appeal, it won't work.
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