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prepaying can have it's merits in terms of getting those truely willing to commit to the game however most of those will show up regardless of prepay or pay at the door. brian's idea of using that method for bigger more resource intensive games is great. it'd be a waste of time for most smaller games though.

the flaker list really can stay as a flaker list. who cares about personal bias. you dont show up to someone's game? you might as well spit in their face. it is personal. let the flakers shoot themselves in the foot. they'll either chnage their ways or get out of airsoft when they realize that they have thousands of dollars collecting dust or it's just used to shoot soup cans in the basement. either way is good as far as i'm concerned.

as far as rebuilding the community to feed a good sim like those 5 or more years ago? oh i doubt that'll happen unless you can convince most of the vets, seniors, crankies to come out of retirement. i dont think that'll happen without the influence of other vets, seniors or crankies at a word of mouth basis. this topic directly relates back to that as well. this passed weekend is the first time in my 10 years of play where there was a 50% no show. rediculous. i dont envy the amount of work that any host even thinking about running a large scale sim will have to go through with the current "talent" pool in this community.
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