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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
1. Private fields are private...they're for playing with a closed group. That's great right!?! But it dies a strangling death when you're not letting in new blood. What if FTF closed it's doors to everyone who had not already been there? Or Harms Way? or Soldier Gear or Jayne Finch's, etc.... If you were the new guy just starting out...where would you play that wasn't fuck-around speedball?

2. The guys that show late are just shy of being worse than the guys who don't show!!! Why the hell should everyone stand around waiting for else to show after kick-off time?!?! Why should that be tolerated if the expectations are set otherwise?

If a guy isn't motivated to get out of bed on a cold/rainy/early-morning game you REALLY think $20 is going to matter to them when their alarm goes off? Is it REALLY going to make them stop drinking and go to bed earlier so they can make that game?

Now...if you had to make a deposit of say $100 to a game/event fund...and if you flaked irresponsibly you'd loose your deposit and have to repay to be allowed to the games again...well then, now you're talking.

But $20 to change such habitual problems...gimme a break.

3. That's true...if the amount of money outweighs the immediate easier route. If I'm sleepy, lazy, don't give a fuck about what you think...going to a game on a rainy/cold/early-morning just so I get some value for the $20 that's already out of my pocket....doesn't mean a whole hell of alot. If I was going to be out some substantial more money/access...then that risk would motivate me.
Some "Airsofters" will see it this way,and behave this way, but most will step up on a more consistent level.

I'm not discounting your points, they do have weight & numbers will support your prognosis, but over all most people will fall under my conclusion.

Brian also mentioned it has worked in the past, and i have seen it work.

As for your answer on 1. Yes and no is my answer to that. By getting really good games going on Private owned fields, open to ASC, you will be able to get committed & motivated players out!

By implementing a good environment, game play will rise to higher standards and only grow better players on a milsim level. This will help bring Airsoft back to what it was in Ontario, also the economy improving would help to and fewer/removal of gun
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