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Originally Posted by HeadlessChicken View Post
I can see having problems with this, especially with someone with an erratic schedule like me. I sometimes find out last minute that I need to show for work or stay late. It doesn't happen often but it does and without prior warnings so would I get flaked for something like this or would that be at the game host's discretion? I'm not the most active player around but I try to make it if I can and not promise if there is a potential scheduling problem.

probably not as long as it's made clear that there is that possibility of gettign screwed over by work. that's a legit reason if there is absolutely no way to avoid it.

the point of this thread...and correct me if i'm the chronic no shows. people that sign up for a game but dont show up without pulling out properly or letting the host know by posting in game thread and pm specifics later.

i have no doubt that people can have legit reasons to not show up. work, wife, kids, death....real issues that just cant be avoided. though...again using this zombie game as the example....i highly doubt that 50% of the players signed up had some sort of unavoidable emergency on game day and couldnt post or pm this info.

know what you're getting into. if it's a hardcore sim than you can be sure that you're going to need the right clothing and that you're going to be taking orders. if the game is in the spring or fall than you can be pretty sure that it's gonna be pretty cool out and there's a good chance of wet.

waking up not "feeling" like it or being afraid of a fluffy white cloud in the sky on game day is no excuse to be inconsiderate to a GROUP of people that arent as soft as you are.

i've known peope that will show up while sick as a dog. or hosts feel like they were on death's bed the night before or the morning of and still show up. this was never about choosing between life's truly unavoidable emergencies and our hobby. it's about the pansies, the inconsiderate, the "i dont care about anyone but me" crowd. the " i think i MIGHT wanna go so i'll take up a prime spot until i dont feel like it and not tell anyone" people. the i'll play this game if nothing better comes along type of attitude.
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