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Alright, thank you to anyone who is trying to bring something constructive to this discussion.

BOOO to those of you who just take up space with words. If you've got nothing constructive to say, save everyone from having to waste time reading it.

The % of games attended is kind of what I was getting at. I like that idea a lot Scarecrow. Maybe add a # for games attended/no showed, it would give people an idea of how active a player is. Which kind of matters.

I'd seen the game hosting section, but hadn't looked into it. I suppose having your own personal black lists are a start.

Now i'm pretty much a noob myself, but I do everything I can to show up when I say I will. And I try and avoid the Tent situation, when I have been tent, it's due to things having to happen/relying on others to get me to a game...saying that, posting tent is lame and I agree with any hosts who request for people not to do it.

Too many people have a complete lack of consideration for others, which is the issue with flaking. Just figured there should be some way to keep those people accountable. Wouldn't know how to set it up myself though.

Basically friends of mine are looking to host more games next season, we put days of work into setting up the games, and it's damn annoying when people just fail to show up. Any host knows this. Any player who show's up to games where a ton of people are missing knows this.

Can anyone set this up, or is it info hosts will have to try and share with one another?

JANUS - I like where your head is at, YES please. (Other people are cool too)

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