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Hey Brian you can kick me off that list of hosts and owners I have yet to earn it and most definitely made a big mistake thanks for lettin me in though.

I apologize to the community, about this misunderstanding, I am taking full accountability for my mistake I thought the Zombie game was open we didn't know we would make it in to the CQB game, the team was gonna go to the zombie game but because of conflicting schedules figured it would be a safer bet to hit the CQB.

Once again I apologize to Scarecrow, Z, Brian and all players I may have offended or pissed off.

If there is a Players Flakers blacklist Ill Volunteer to put myself on that list.
It's not about the guy who doesn't call his hit. It's about the pants you're wearing and the pants you're team mate is wearing, Is it real multi cam or is it Chinese repro multi cam? I don't know but in the end it's still multicam.

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