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Originally Posted by Spawn28 View Post
i agree that there should be a game flakers book\thread whatever for players but in the same regard we should have one for the hosts as well how many times have you kitted up with the intentions of a certain scenario only to have it switched last second and completly throwing a fuck into everything you prepared for. or for when the game states certain times only to finish 3 hours early and so on and so on.

just my opinion. hell if your gonna shit on the players be prepared to take some shit too
that is what the AAR is for.. to post your opinions in public about how a game went. then people make their own assessment of hosts.

and who said anyone was going to "shit" on anyone? Shitting on someone presumes that thay are blameless and don't deserve censure.

a player accruing a bad rep as a flaker and being known and recorded as such is not "shitting" on them any more than people being outed as bad traders for transactions gone wrong.

if you rip me off in a deal and I tell others to warn them that you are not to be trusted to deal with am I "shitting on you"? or reporting the truth?
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