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Thank you Brian and Ducky. Took the words right out of my typing fingers.

I wasn't going to originally post this but since Able1 is trying to play both sides of the fence I'll use him as an example.

September 2nd 16:19 - Zombies
Originally Posted by Able1 View Post
Im down, also as long as it aint in the middle of nowhere, pmcs please.
Interest shown prior to field location. Name is added to the list of attendees.

September 19th, 09:02 - Zombies

Originally Posted by Able1 View Post
I was about to ask that lol and can anyone car pool"?

September 23rd, 22:57 - Zombies

Originally Posted by Able1 View Post
Hey Bud! I have never played zombies so i dunno what im supposed to do as a human I know I have a gun am i just supposed to survive?
More chatter. Field Change to FTF confirmed at 22:37

No here's where it gets interesting!

October 13th, 12:53 - Zombies

Originally Posted by Able1 View Post
May I switch to pmc with 4 other guys that want in, cause I know 4 guys that want in.
Definite interest plus confirmation 4 others want to play. Group of 5 confirmed as PMC's on list of attendees.

October 13th, 21:12 - CQB

Originally Posted by Able1 View Post
Roger roger Eco is coming.
huh? how do you forget that you just signed your team up for another game?

October 14th, 14:10 (edited at 14:29) - CQB

Originally Posted by Able1 View Post
for now Matt, Mike, Alex,shaku myself. are confirmed at the moment.

October 16th, 18:42 - CQB

Originally Posted by Able1 View Post
All In.
Still no post on the Z4 thread about dropping out.

October 19th, 01:47 - Zombies

Originally Posted by Able1 View Post
Sorry Prime, All Pmc's are out. thanks.
A week after asking to be PMC's and confirming yourself in another game!

Able1 aka Joeyaglr444 - You've lost any possible credibility in my books.

Another thing unrelated to Able1 that I'd like to note is that Scarecrow bought, with his own money, food to feed 30 odd people Saturday night. He committed to purchase, setup, cook and clean up with the assumption that roughly 30 people were to attend. At $5 a head, which is just about cost, he was expecting to break even. 15 guys paying $5 didn't cover it and do you know what? Scarecrow ate the loss because you all flaked. Heck, if I was in that position I'd be down right pissed but Scarecrow's a stand up guy and looks after people that appreciate his efforts.

Zeon also spent a fair amount of time trying to plan this and come up with alternatives when PMC's dropped out twice. Coming up with contingency plans to make sure that the day could move forward isn't easy. Both Duckman and Brian M weren't suppose to be active players but assist with game control to make sure things went smoothly. They both stepped up and took on the role of PMC's so that the game wouldn't be a flop. In addition, I know Zeon also spent money on props and respawn point markers so that we could differentiate between them and not have to say "your respawn point is that tree over there and yours is this tree with the broken branch.".

The people who whine and complain about the weather probably still have their mommies dress them for school. Come on guys, get a pair of boots and a fleece/rain shell and pack a spare set of clothes. IT'S REALLY NOT THAT HARD. So what if you get wet? Change into your dry clothes after. If you dress for inclement weather, you won't even feel it.

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