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Originally Posted by Able1 View Post
I agree but if it says "Rain Or Shine" and people still say in and dont come if it rains, ruins the turn out there were times were if i knew that little people were gonan turn out I would have not had the game at all.
Of course .. your opinion has little weight.. due to your own behavior.

Confirming for a spot in a game.. dumping out last minute to attend another game and then dissembling about it does not provide the example of integrity that we are trying to engender in the player base.

If you want to talk the talk one needs to walk the walk.

People who want to be hosts need to illustrate the attributes they expect in players. This is the foundation of respect.

Game hosts know for the most part who the flakers are.. and we have a spot on here where we can discuss and share such information.

Personally Ill dump flakers from my roster if I see they are not good to their word.

Everyone understands that things come up that this is a hobby and a passtime .. but it is often more to the people who invest their time and often their money to organize events for the players.

what people need to understand that a game is a product.. your "in" in the game thread is your agreement to purchase that product. the product is delivered .. but you not showing means the product was delivered but you NEVER PAID FOR IT.

in games with specific roles or caps those spots are key to the game enjoyment for everyone. When players flake they are ripping off the game host .. and their fellow players.

When you post "in" what that means is you commit to attend and participate in the game regardless of weather, bugs.. or whatever because you would not have posted your committment if it was based on the weather being good.

If you are a fair weather player then you should be content with games that allow walk on or that are not capped and you should never expect to have any sort of defined role in any game. BECAUSE YOU CAN'T BE TRUSTED TO SHOW UP.

There is NOTHING WRONG with being a fair weather player .. not everyone has the desire or the equipment to be able to participate in all environments. That's fine.. just don't hold yourself out as a player that is.

And if you want those sorts of roles then get yourself sorted out to play them.. just becasue you want something does not mean you should get it.


posting tentative simply means "hey Ill come if I have nothing better to do" it's an insult to the hosts and to your fellow players.

either you are in or you are out .. If you don't know then don't post till you are sure.

If you post "in" and something comes up then have the respect to PM the game host and let him / Her know that you can't make it and why.

then post in the thread "out" no one needs to know why you are out other than the host.

If the why is.. " turns out I'd rather go to another game" then say that. Truth is what gets you respect not BS
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