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As hosts, we dont forget who flaked and said nothing, whos a dickhead at the field, ect... Next time I see them at a game, I talk to them about it, ask them hey remember that game I hosted last month, I didnt see you there, what happened? If they have a good reason, fine, if they dont, well I just let them know I didnt appreciate it, and I hope it doesnt happen again.. A host trader rating would be a good idea, but it would take alot more than Scarecrow and a programer, it would take virutally every player, active or not on the boards to vote on EVERY player active or not on the boards... If you let the hosts run it, could be bias, we dont remember everyone at a game. Otherwise, Im guessing everyone would start out at 100% and then each time they fuck up, it goes down a few..
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