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Originally Posted by Jayne Finch View Post
bissa is correct. there is a group for hosts that allows hosts to trade such information.

HOWEVER everyone here has to understand that airsoft is not the only thing on some peoples minds. life happens. theres school, kids, wives, girlfriends, work etc. that will come up last minute. dont hate everyone that flakes, it happens. and yes it may be annoying, but the only time it becomes a problem is if its a constant habit. that becomes a host issue. i over book games based on the experience that a certain % will not show.
no one is debating the LEGITIMATE issues of life that pop up last second. using the zombie game as an example, what are the odds of 1/2 the people signed up having a legitimate, non-displaceable emergencies pop up on a day where the weather man is less than accurate and it's been wet and cool for the week leading up to said day.

if you sign up for a game that's posted up loooooooooooong in advance than book the time off with work! request the time off with the domestics!!! know the weather conditions for the game being booked for that time of year and prepare. God forbid that you remember you signed up for a capped game before going and double booking yourself. MAN UP AND SHOW UP or just dont bother signing up if you have any intenetion of being an illegitimate no show. at the very least say something.

so if you ask me than i'm with scarecrow on the openly visible rating. if for nothing else to publicly humiliate those inconsiderate wussy pansies out there. that attitude has seriously hurt the gaming this year people. grow up. if you're old enough to sign up for a game than stop behaving like a little baby or a prncess and live up to your end of that agreement...and if something unavoidable emergency does pop up JUST before game time than you could post just that so people know.
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