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What to do with a hot clearsoft?

Hello, I know this might have been mention before, if not, I'm kind of happy becasue that means I'm not a "search dummy".

So anyways, I bought myself a clear soft at Walmart. Thought I just get something nice and cheap as a back up.

Before I bought it, I thought it said "360 FPS with .12" but really, it said "380 FPS with .12".

So now that make it .8J which even with .25 it's shooting around 350 FPS.

The gun use the little CO2 tanks. You stick them in the mag, and it shoots.

So does anyone know how I could drop the FPS down to 300 fps or lower, but more than 250 fps? I heard putting it in the cooler could work, but having the gun rub against my pants would warm it up really quickly, so that's no good.

I've heard that I could get the little refillable cans(don't know the preper term for them, but their the little CO2 tanks) and fill it with green gas to lower the FPS with out hassel. But so far, I couldn't find any of them.

Any advice? If this have already been mention and your the admin that's going to lock this post, please at least give me a link to where I could find the information to answer my question.

Thank you all for reading!

PS: it's a Smith and Wesson M&P pistol

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