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Flakers - Why not have a game feedback system?

So, I have a couple pet peeves that I thought would be better off in a new thread as apposed to lost in that other thread of mostly repetitive/quickly forgotten opinions.

Nobody likes a flaker. Reading over the AAR for the zombie game this weekend I can see it really doesn't impress a lot of people, not just myself.

So there's a feedback system for sales/traded items. Why not have one for game feedback?
Ok, so it could get kinda messy and would definitely be open to bias more than trader ratings...who would be responsible for leaving said feedback...I get this wouldn't be an easy system to implement or one that would work perfectly.

BUT, what if it was then only used for things such as:

A)flakers. Permanent mark against you for being a lousy no-show

B)players who are a detriment to the game. Because it happens.

And only game hosts can apply such feedback.

Surely this is something that would keep people more accountable, and allow game host's to weed out players who have a history of wasting game slots? Or being completely useless when they do show up? Even if something were to be setup that was just for flaker's/no shows, it would be better than nothing.

I figure a simple thumbs up/thumbs down with option to comment? Thought it was worth discussing anyway.
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