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A few non-flaming but blunt observations.

If you go onto another website that's based outside of Canada you will find the very same "it's too expensive", "that's not worth the money", "what's the best cheap AEG" type threads. That leads me to remember a joke so old that maybe it's not told anymore, so I'll tell it here.

Billy: What's life?
Voice: Life is a magazine.
Billy: How much does it cost?
Voice: Ten cents.
Billy: But I only have a nickel.
Voice: That's life.

High price is the rule for airsoft in Canada. In Australia it's flat out impossible to get the gear. In New Zealand everything has to be semi auto only. Other countries have other tacit or overt regulations that set the tone.

The high price in Canada does keep the dabblers and otherwise less commited to the activity folks away, for good and bad. Each really enthusiastic new player turned off by the high price is in the same company as many more backyarders who much to their frustration can't get a key to the castle.

To sum up the price of entry is high and there's no way around it unless you have a parent or friend who'll lend you gear to get your feet wet with. I think the payoff is worth the investment. Some folks won't, but that's Life.
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