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Originally Posted by Najohn View Post
Negative comments aren't going to help, more of spam to. Ya I'm shocked by the price value of a gun....... But honestly I know shit about this sport. I only heard about it in the summer. Read the rules of this part of the forum first than post. I actually thought people in this sport had some decency and respect. I guess not. Well I got my answer, didn't expect this long_bong I doubt I'll be around here anytime soon
Look, buddy, I apologize if I offended you in anyway. But you need to know that you can do FAQ research yourself.

When you post in one of my threads asking "What if I dress all black like a Ninja", I can't help but think that you're not trying very hard think about the subject before asking, I'm sure many can agree.

And dont be so sensitive. If seeing an asshole like me write three sentences going against your mindset on an internet forum gives you the idea of hating on a sport, you will be surprised to see what kind of guys are out there when you actually start playing.

Not everyone is going to treat you like you deserve every sense of the word respect until you earn it. Some will trash talk at you, some will plain just hate on you, and they won't even try to keep their shit down like I do. Of course most people will treat you with respect and descency, but don't act like you always deserve it, it's earned, not given.

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