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A metal lower is probably available.... eventually..... You just have to wait or order from someone who does custom orders.

Problem is that there's also the money factor too.

EDIT: (Clarity) For example, if you wanted it, you could probably find a JAE M14, or some Classic Airsoft (I'm talking like Escort and Sun Project) however, it's rare, and therefore expensive (it's also supposedly out of production too). I don't know the price but probably around the PTW price range maybe even more. Time (waiting for one top pop up or contacting a guy who does custom orders) and money (most likely lots of it) are required and you can have anything you want. Realistically though you probably don't have $10,000 to drop on a toy that shoots plastic BB's so that's really the only thing that inhibits you from getting whatever you want.

I'd budget probably around $200-300 for a metal body. I'm taking this approximation from AEG metal body prices so hopefully they translate to around the same price. However I wouldn't be surprised if it's a bit more at the start since there probably aren't very many in Canada (it should drop in price a bit once the market gets saturated with more of them).

PS: I'm not a business/economics student but it makes sense if you use logic and think about supply demand curves.
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