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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
orr the following platforms:

Pros: After Market are limitless, you can build one from scratch which I did.
Cons: Inefficicency and cheap parts break.

Pros: Better efficicency, looks like more choices in the future
Cons: like WE before, parts still break, low QC

Pros: Looks to be the best in the market so far, AEG Parts
Cons: no aftermarket support, least popular currently (its WE and Magna right now)

Pros: according to reports, based on Magna design without its flaws, AEG Parts
Cons: not release, propertiary parts (not sure how much is Magna compatable)

Pros: No cool down, best use for gaming, AEG parts
Cons: Bulking gas cylinder, rare, uses HPA
Well I'm looking to spend >$1000 total, so the cansoft WE SCAR is about the most expensive I can afford right now.

I could save, but Ive waited long enough for a GBBR.

Are any of the other ones you mentioned in my price range? (Once AVed of course)
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