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if your gonna skirmish here's the breakdown.
WE SCAR $650 for clear/ $950 for normal
**Propane Magazine $40 per you probably need 6
**CO2 Magazine $52 per if you want winter skirmish (CO2 Capsule are about $1-2 each depends on quantity you purchase, I believe you could buy like 500 for 250 or so)
**Lubrication, silicon oil (for maintaining mags)and grease (grease is better cause it stays longer without making a mess)
**NPAS, RA-Tech sells em for like $50 shipped, helps alot to change fps cause its 450 on Propane, 500 on CO2
**Spare parts: don't ask me what you need, I don't know much about WE, I would say the hinge plate is needed.
good luck
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