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CQB Game Update

Fielded my gun at the CQB Tactical Paintball field and I must say it exceeded my expectations

First things I suggest is try to find a shoulder or hip holster for this as I find the sling gets in the way of the iron sights since the sling point is right beside it.

The gun is deadly accurate and even more so with my King Arms Small Red Dot sight.

When fielding the gun on Semi-auto I experienced no cool-down with the 40 round magazines and each shot was very consistent, it felt like I was shooting my TM Hicapa just with a body of a MP7. I am definitely going to field this gun more often, and hoping the nozzle won't blow up while I still use it

Also to add

I shot 10 mags on Propane so that is about 400 shots on 0.20, 0.25 and 0.28 and no cracks on the nozzle yet

KWA and KSC MP7 are a little different

- Nozzle material is made different than the KSC one
- Rocket valve is metal

"If you have the KWA/Umarex version of MP7 then it's safe to use Green gas. With the KSC version. Stay with HFC134a. "
- KWA Staff comment on the versions

I know Tys is around here somewhere going to open up the KWA MP7 one day to take a look at it to see the real difference
- Pistolero Steve -

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